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Our 3 step approach

Since 1996 Infodrive India have been helping businesses gain visibility into export import trade data and extract the right information to make smart decision

01. Data Analysis

Our expert interacts with clients to understand their underlying needs and objectives through detailed need analysis. Our analysis gauge the deepest roots and critalize the required actions to discover high profits, right price, high volume and high growth rate etc.

02. Report formation

Our team of leading business analyst who posses deep industry & technical knowledge of advanced reporting and data mining tootls, design custom reports with clean and categorized data from bulky and complexed database

03. Deliver Powerful Insights

Our short, easy and simple customized report enable clients to get access to the data that can intutitively be used for fact based decision making.

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Our success stories

What Price You Should Quote to Your Oversea Buyer?

Manoj Dua, VP Exports was chasing a large order from reputed buyer in Europe for an year and finally the moment of truth arrived. Buyer asked to quoteRead more..

What to do When Profits Start Stagnating?

Mr.Gupta has a large scale setup of export of handicrafts in Moradabad. The business was started by his grandfather and it now third generation runningRead more..

Revival of an Export Business from Recession (The RealStory)

Apprehension and stress loomed over him Ankur Sethi as he sat alone in his office with his head cupped in his plamsRead more..

Winning strategies for growth in export import business

Pricing for Infodrive India custom made easy reports

Costs Start at minimum $300, and can go up to $5000.
Depending on the country, format and quantun of data ordered.

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We provide detailed information for entire business landscape-customers, markets, industries.

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Access global export & import
Data of 90+ Countries

Reports with Information on
price, quantity, buyers and

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Reports with Information
to capitalize you on market
opportunities by tracking
supply-demand shifts.

Reports with Information to
Benchmark your competitor
shipments, trading partners,
suppliers and strategies.

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Our Market Intelligence Dashboards can help you switch to Profitables Products, Buyers, Suppliers and Markets